When Kim Casali, created the Love Is... Cartoon in 1974, she had no idea of the widespread appeal that her simple doodles and sentiments would eventually have. These cartoons were her very private way of expressing her own innermost feelings for Robert Casali, the man who would later become her husband. Consequently, she was quite skeptical that others would be interested in her cartoons, or that in fact they would be relevant in any way to anyone else.

Love Is... Was unveiled to the world, and Kim was pleasantly surprised to see that her cartoons struck a chord with people everywhere. Kim’s drawings and thoughts visually represented what people all over the planet also felt about all manner of occasions where love played a role — and soon refrigerators around the world found themselves covered with the little cartoons which had been cut from newspapers everywhere!

Enjoy this collection of Love Is... Cartoons. We hope you will find yourself smiling as you recognize situations where you yourself have experience the very same thoughts of feelings represented here. We’ve made it easier for you to collect your favorites without the need for scissors or magnets!